Lunch in Hall Policy

Members of the Inn and members of the public are permitted to lunch in Hall if appropriately dressed.

The dress code is:

  • Business Suits
  • Court dress
  • Smart casual dress
  • This does not include:
    • Trainers
    • Shorts
    • T-Shirts
    • Ripped or dirty clothing
    • Jeans may be worn if both clean and smart

All diners are reminded that:

  • Bags and overcoats can be left (at the member’s own risk) in the cloakrooms
  • If taken into Hall, bags should be placed under the table out of the way of other members, guests and members of staff
  • Mobile telephones should not be used in Hall
  • Photography is not permitted in Hall during lunch
  • Middle Temple has a No Smoking policy throughout theInn.

Middle Temple also have a children policy which must be adhered:

  • Children under the age of 5 are only allowed to have lunch or dine in Hall in the evening with the prior written approval of the Under Treasurer or the Director of Development.
  • Pushchairs are not allowed into the Hall

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