Dress in Hall

Rules and Guidance

Dinners in Hall are formal occasions and all present should always be respectably dressed in appropriate clothes having regard to the nature of the occasion.


  • Unless otherwise stated, male barristers and students should wear a black suit and tie, with a gown.  The dress code on Grand Day and Annual Hall Dinner is black tie.  Black tie is also preferred on Private Guest Nights.
  • Unless otherwise stated, female barristers and students should wear a black suit or suit dress and jacket, with a gown.  The dress code on Grand Day and Annual Hall Dinner is black tie.  Black tie is also preferred on Private Guest Nights.  Shoulders should be covered.


Guests should be made aware of the following dress code;

  • Male guests should wear a dark suit and tie.
  • Female guests should wear dark clothing suitable for a formal occasion and shoulders should be covered. 


Student gowns are provided by the Inn and are available in the cloakrooms.  These must be returned at the end of the evening. 

Barrister members are required to provide their own gowns. 

Gowns are not worn by guests.  Gowns are not worn at Middle Temple Guest Lectures or for Sunday Lunch.

Black Tie

Men should wear a black dinner suit with a white dress shirt and black bow tie.  For ladies, a cocktail dress (long or knee length) is appropriate.  Shoulders should be covered.

Lectures and Sunday Lunch

The regulations for Lectures and Sunday Lunch during a dining period are not as strict since gowns are not required to be worn by members. A collar and tie for men is required but a sports jacket or blazer is acceptable for both members and their guests.  Women, both members and guests should wear smart clothing.  Smart trousers are acceptable, but no jeans.

Lunch (weekdays)

Lunch is an informal meal and the above dining regulations do not apply.  Members should make clear to their guests, however, that Hall is the luncheon room of a professional body. The dress code in Hall for lunch is business or lounge suits, court dress or smart casual dress. Jeans may be worn if both clean and smart. We will not permit guests who are wearing: trainers, shorts, T-shirts or ripped or dirty clothing.